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Health in the Americas + is a new way of viewing the flagship publication of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). Since its creation in 1954, this publication has focused on one of the organization's main mandates, which is to collect and disseminate information on health conditions and trends in the countries and territories of the Americas and the Caribbean. A key way to fulfill this mandate is the publication of Health in the Americas, a comprehensive report dedicated exclusively to monitoring and analyzing the health situation in the Region. This new portal now centralizes access to all information published in Health in the Americas, beginning with the current edition, which focuses on Potentially Avoidable Premature Mortality and includes new and more interactive ways to view data and compare information in different regions and countries, and reaching the first edition, from 1954. We hope you enjoy this portal and return many times.


Overview of the Region of the Americas in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every area of people's lives and has had an impact on health at the individual and population levels. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has been facing not only a public health crisis but also an economic and social crisis. This is not limited to the direct consequences of the pandemic; it has also exacerbated existing and emerging public health challenges. The negative effects of this syndemic scenario have been concentrated in vulnerable populations such as older people, low-income groups, ethnic groups, migrants, and homeless people.

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Family walks away from COVID-19 vaccination

Country Profiles

The country profiles for Health in the Americas have been prepared based on the available interagency indicators, the sources of which are presented in this table. In some cases, the values of the interagency indicators –due to their verification process— differ of the most recent values available in the country.

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Potentially avoidable premature mortality (PAPM)

VisualizationAlthough death is not avoidable, with advances in technology and health sciences it is possible to avoid a significant proportion of early (premature) deaths through preventive actions and timely medical care. This type of mortality is known as potentially avoidable premature mortality, and is commonly referred to as avoidable mortality.

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